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RC flying to take aerial pictures

I started flying a model plane to get a camera in the air.

Here you see the various stages from getting the plane in the air first time spring 2003 until its fatal crash in May 2005

Plane / Construction

First steps

first flights

Plane development stages

Failure with new body

1st brushless Motor: Lehner 1515

2nd brushless Motor: Hacker B40

3rd brushless Motor: Hacker B50

building / fixing depron wing

Plans for 2006

Still shots

Snapshots with video transmitter

first I was using a small wireless camera to transmit video. June 2003 The quality was not acceptable, so I built a case for the

Nikon Coolpix

and flew this much heavier camera. July 2003

I did not want to ruin the Nikons zoom lense, so I purchased a fixed focus

Fuji F402

which performed great in many flights:

September 2003


Convent church look straight down

Flying downtown Brugg

National Circus

Medieval Castle

Trying to achieve even better image quality, I purchased the

Sony T1

Setup / first pictures quite an improvement of the image quality




Video transmitter

first videos were taken with the wireless mini camera, here a few snapshots as video

the interferences were terrible, so I tried a

Kodak MC3

The small device is just fine for RC flying, and it served on many flights:

October 2003

November 2003

later the same month

Taking off from roof

calm 10min video

Winter scene



Circling with new motor

Panasonic DV camera

once my plane was able to lift 500g, I flew my DV camera a few times:

November 2003

later this same month

flying in the wind

seen from the ground

Sony T1

this camera can also be used for videos

Video Windisch with some impressions


what goes up must come down...

BLAM August 2003 was a real crash month...

Crash in the garden

Landing on a tree

Dead stick crashing

Hitting a tree

Forgot to pull out antenna

Dive 150m into trees (video taken with the Sony T1 which survived unharmed)

Dive 50m into a road the end of the motor

Some of the airfields

2009: The story continues