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crash in the garden

I took 72 pictures with the FinePix yesterday but not a single good one with my house. So I thought about launching the plane from my balcony and fly it right over the house.

Well - I did start the plane right from there. With no load, just 7 cells. On throwing it I had to give it a twist go get it past the neighbours house and then grab the controls.

It went up fine and I had a very pleasant flight around my garden. While flying around I was still unsure if I should land the way I took off with the twist in the end to get around the house of if I should come in straight and low over the neighbours house.

I chose the second and came in nice and low, when after passing the house the plane touched one of his trees with the extreme right end of the wing.

This changed its direction to the right - it headed straight into one of my trees and lost the tail, plunged head forward on the ground into a cement plate - silence, just a servo motor goes at full speed.

I rushed down to see the damage. The tail was torn of completely, and the elevator servo lost its head and some of the gears. Not bad to fix, I found all the parts :-)

Garden "

straight ahead the neigbours house, on the right the balcony

start and land

the green arrow shows the start direction, the red arrow the planned landing direction. It was the redish tree at the beginning of the red arrow that touched the plane

I guess next time I will try from another buildings roof - my garden is to hard to land in...

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