WebTruck Moving out

flying the RC plane from the neighbours roof

I did 2 flights with the FinePix cam, one with the Kodak mc3
here a couple of shots:

looking down on my house sun low my house my house again convent church Königsfelden my house again house low flying by flyby flyby even higher landing field landing field hmm - too low check damage landing field check damage

Video 320x240 6min 14.5MB
The area is quite foggy, sometimes I almost lost the plane in the mist. Towards the end I am buzzing around in low height to practise approach and for the neighbour to take a picture from the window (you might see the flash).
After a nice touchdown I hit a pipe on the roof -> tail broken

land and hit pole high quality 320x240 9sec 1.5MB

The whole landing was like a aircraft carrier in the sea, and instead of the waves I had turbulences in the air

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