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Klosterkirche Königsfelden und Garten

The last nice day before a rain period - I went for a flight to Königsfelden, the park in Windisch

On the first landing I misaveraged wind and distance, trying to avoid the street lights the plane ended up in a pear tree

the garden after taking off Windisch, Amphiwiese Windisch, Dägerli Psychiatrische Klinik, Unterwindisch Brugg, Stahlrain Windisch Windisch Park, excavation prepare for landing landing site plane on tree plane and church getting ready for the second flight convent buildings convent treasury excavation convent church camera pointing straight down flowers bycicle ladder and me swan circular path vegetables? parking, excavation Psychiatrische Klinik Königsfelden garden park scene huge tree a bit further convent church, treasury bell tower pony rides University of applied sciences, Windisch people

Information about the convent church

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