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Flight from Stahlrain office building roof

Lovely sunday morning - I was up early and happened to see the nice weather with no wind.
So I decided to take my plane for a flight in the Brugg town center

I know the space for landing on this roof is restricted, but nevertheless I decided to give it a try

most of the pictures have some motion blur, the sun was not so bright yet - which was good, it was right in front of me on landing

no wind - sunny morning Lots of wires another look down up and away where to land?? flying over the rails overlooking the rails TrackCam Windisch station Stahlrain Parkplatz, Casinobrücke, Friedhof Brugg Neumarkt Brugg, Zentrum Brugg, Bruggerberg S12 Train leaving Fire deposit, tracks Brugg, GE Capital Bank traffic Brugg, Bruggerberg thinking about landing Windisch station TruckRoom flying lower fire deposit roof even lower impact puzzle landing strip

Although I had only one flight and broke the nose on landing, I think it was worth it!

more aerial pictures of Brugg

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