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Flying near the Habsburg castle, landed on a tree

sorry - the first two pictures are no good - the better camera is on the tree, these 2 pics were taken with the Kodak mc3

the rest of them were pictures taken during the flight before the landing on the tree, the last 3 show the damage after the plane came down

tree and plane Habsburg Habsburg, closer Habsburg - the village fire deposits / hearts in the snow Scherz close flyby me & trees Habsburg ruins cool shot straight castle and ruins Brugg castle and trees just another boring shot stones panoramic me again up again trees castle top steam? castle Aare castle flyby Plane landed on a tree plane down damage assessment damage assessment no damage on the bottom wing top wing partly removed

I had a marvelous flight with thermals, flying near and above the castle - I was looking forward to the pics, when a tree suddenly streched and touched the plane - when I just though about my luck, it landed on the next one

I borrowed a ladder from the restaurant in the castle, but the 5 meter ladder was not high enough to even shake the tree a bit.

I will call them tomorrow and ask if the wind brought it down...

next day...

A guy from the restaurant climbed the tree and shook it down just when I arrived on the scene
quite some damage, but I am glad I got the cam (no damage) and the plane (severe damage) before the rain starts tomorrow

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