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the Unimog project started october 2001 when I bought this RC vehicle

Unimog Picture

I was thinking about ways to improve the tethered WebTruck for a long time... I wanted to build a vehicle capable of auto-navigation. This helps to prevent accidents when the connection to the driver is too slow to react on a emergency situations.

I started to play around with PIC processors late 2001 and made big steps ahead in using this technology till Xmas 2001.

Early 2002 I wrote the software for Unimog, the software for the unimog server, the webserver connecting between the client browser and the unimog server, and the Java applet to control unimog. (Schema)

The whole stuff went online for the first time around april 2002.

Unimog fromtop

Changes 2004

Decided to move the electronics to a better platform.

See a some pictures of the details while extracting circuits

Switchboard Schematic

Motherboard Schematic

Moguni follow up project