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Moguni Robot Project

Moguni Robot under construction

RoboMaxx ( PDF ) was smiling at me from catalog. With these motors driving around would be much easier than with the Unimog because it had two drive motors and a caster.

These pages show the conversion of the robot vacum to something web enabled using the electronics of the Unimog

the base when it still was a vacum


see some pictures of the conversion

Lessons learnt

  • IR demulator (TSOP1733 [ Datasheet ]) not only needs the IR modulated correctly, but also a 10ms pause between strobes to trigger.

Jobs done

  • dual differential drive with 2 dc motors and 2 tacho sensors

  • write software to drive with the above, adjust speed to drive straight

  • connected LEDs and buttons of the original cover, code to set LEDs and read the buttons

  • sensor to detect if there are steps

  • additional servo for cam

  • routines to position all three servos, wiring for turret module with color

  • completed testing with ir ambient sensors, basically a blinking IR LED and several detectors

Jobs to do

  • arrange all components to get

    • best results from all sensors

    • best use of space

  • write software for moguni

  • write software for web interface


the whole project has stalled - hope I'll find time sometimes to finish this

one of the reasons to choose moguni as a project name for this robot vehicle was the reason it had very few hits on google. I wonder how long it will take to show up

Moguni on google

Results Nov 1st

Results Nov 4th

Results Nov 7th my page is first now...