WebTruck Moving out

Special Features / Events in 2002

  • Spring: Unimog is operational
  • May added panoramic views as I moved the RemoteCam to a different location
  • WebTruck DVD is a CD rom with DVD content documenting WebTruck and Unimog activities
  • audio one of the outstanding features of the WebTruck site is that you cannot only control interactive devices, but you can also listen to them. Up to 4 streams are there for you to listen to
  • new office as announced since early this year, the office move will take place soon - sometimes in October or so.
  • bought a new computer for webtruck content (picture). I went to get this machine as it was worth the price - it may host all of the webtruck stuff in the near future
  • added imagemap showing location of 4 webcams
  • WebTruckForum archive
  • Chat 2002 contains all the chat talk until 25.6.2002
  • Map shows geographic location of the webtruck site
  • Office moves
  • 1st poll
  • ZopeServer went online October 14th

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