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  TrackCam in the news
Two weeks ago I started a online petition to keep TrackCam online. As I have to leave my office in the Stahlrain building, I was asked to remove all hardware - including the camera. The petition has been signed by TrackCam users all over the world ..
webtruck 1 6490
03/19/2014 - 11:25 AM
By webtruck
  Construction started - improved documentation
Construction on the empty lot has started on march 21st 2011. I have added a few features to this site to document the changes. - Aerial Panorama of the area before construction started (360/180), taken with the MikroKopter - Improved daily panora ..
webtruck 1 5358
08/17/2012 - 09:32 AM
By sse
  RemoteCam resolution change
RemoteCam motion detection and gallery replay now show as 400x300 image streams as the camera resolution has changed. ..
sse 0 2823
08/15/2012 - 04:50 PM
By sse
  New WebTruck Interface
The (broken) RemoteCam control has been removed, instead there are now six AbelCam cameras to see the truck in the box, each one of them shows live video. The camera list needs to be updated - should I continue to keep a history of 'moves in the pa ..
webtruck 0 5788
11/03/2010 - 07:36 PM
By webtruck
  TrackCam - where do we go from here
Hi all after a problem with the power the owners of the building did not allow me to put TrackCam back into operation. This was back in June 29th. Today we had a meeting to discuss how to bring this cam back into operation. I was requested to co ..
webtruck 1 20634
08/21/2011 - 08:13 PM
By petre2002uk
  Time lapse improved
The generation of the time lapses has been moved to faster machine. this means that Time Lapses are displayed faster and smoother than ever. ..
webtruck 0 8754
10/20/2009 - 07:39 AM
By webtruck
  TrackCam exchanged
The Axis 213R on TrackCam broke down after five years of service. I replaced it with an Axis 214 - this replacement was planned, but I wanted to do it when it was warmer... The new camera copes much better with the conditions - it has a night visio ..
webtruck 0 7659
02/03/2009 - 06:50 AM
By webtruck
Hey hows it going? ..
alexville 1 5352
05/08/2008 - 01:57 PM
By godfrey
  Breaking down buildings
In the last two weeks three buildings south of TrackCam have been removed - two more will have to go. Over the next few years you will see a construction of a 30'000 m2 building. On the panoramic shots you can see what buildings were there in the p ..
webtruck 1 3371
05/06/2008 - 05:13 PM
By sse
  BoxCam replaced
BoxCam has been a full blown W2K computer serving only one Logitech 3000 cam. Today I replaced it with a Axis 2100 network camera. The cam position is not good yet, as it is too high and shows more than just the box. I hope the improved picture qual ..
sse 0 3392
04/04/2008 - 09:28 AM
By sse
  timed snapshots on TrackCam fixed
You might know that you can take snapshots on TrackCam. After taking the snapshot, you can edit it's properties. One option is to create a timed snapshot - you can set date and time when to repeat a shot from that cam position. For a long time that ..
sse 0 3463
01/22/2008 - 03:17 PM
By sse
  Office Move: Time lapse available
I published two time lapses of the Office Move They show pictures taken both in the old and the new office sorted by time Look here ..
sse 1 3596
01/22/2008 - 03:16 PM
By sse
  Added Panasonic Cam in old office
After setting up the Axis Cam in the new office, I wanted to have some snapshots of moving out of the old office. The Panasonic Cam came in handy for this: PanaCam home directory ..
sse 0 3049
11/22/2007 - 06:11 PM
By sse
  Axis Cam is back to monitor Office Move
I have reinstalled the Axis Cam to make time lapses with the office move. I hope nobody is going to unplug this device until Nov. 26th ..
sse 0 2886
11/19/2007 - 06:30 PM
By sse
  Capture card for RemoteCam replaced
last night I updated the server which runs RemoteCam with some kernel patches. As always I had to recompile the module vloopback to get it to work. As always, RemoteCam settings were troublesome - and I did not get it to work again as it should. S ..
sse 0 3075
05/16/2007 - 11:19 AM
By sse
  Buying webcam
Hi, I'd like to buy and install webcam such as TrackCam. My basic requirements are that I have to be able to control this camera using some API (I'd like to create similar web application and enable users to control it remotely using WWW). What cam ..
bielu 1 2342
05/16/2007 - 11:19 AM
By sse
  Broken truck
the rc truck has a block jammed between the bucket and truck that is keeping the truck from unloading or going back down and it needs to be fixed. ..
trucker345 1 2316
05/16/2007 - 11:15 AM
By sse
  RemoteCam control problems
The parallel port interface controlling the RemoteCam moves broke down. Until I have time to fix / replace this, camera controls will not be available. As the system depends on both parallel port interfaces working together controlled by one comput ..
sse 0 7544
04/08/2007 - 08:06 AM
By sse
  Time Machine updated
The Time Machine now covers all dates from 2004 until the end of february 2007. Tens of thousands of pictures are available - pick a date and see what was going on. ..
sse 0 2543
03/26/2007 - 07:04 PM
By sse
  time info on time lapse pics
Well first off, thanx a million for this web site. It's absolutly great to be 'home' for a few minutes every day. I do have a tiny request though. on the time lapse of the track cam it is impossible to read the time information on most daylite shots ..
tawatinaw 1 2420
01/21/2007 - 05:01 PM
By sse