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TrackCam in the news
By: webtruck
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Added: 09/17/2013 - 09:33 AM

Two weeks ago I started a online petition to keep TrackCam online.

As I have to leave my office in the Stahlrain building, I was asked to remove all hardware - including the camera.

The petition has been signed by TrackCam users all over the world, and today the local newspaper reported the petition and the camera.

By: webtruck
Topics: 31
From: n/a
Added: 03/19/2014 - 11:25 AM

After seeing the concern of keep TrackCam alive published in a local
newspaper and a having scheduled a meeting with Regula Schneider,
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Metron on October
1st 2013, I was confident that there will be a solution for the
further operation of the webcam.

However, this meeting was not very productive. Regula Schneider
told me that she was very annoyed that I brought this matter into
public with a petition.

She was not willing to respond to the petition in any way.

Nevertheless, I was invited to create a concept of how the camera
could be operated without using the Metron network.

I worked out a concept which was handed in on November 19th 2013.
The camera could be operated without being connected to Metrons
network. The concept also explicitly states that the camera was
approved by the office of the Swiss Federal Data Protection and
Information Commissioner in 2011. The office declared that there
are no privacy concerns.

In mid-January I received the following information from
Regula Schneider:

(GLM = Board of Executive Directors at Metron)

"We have discussed the question of continued operation of the Webcam
in the GLM in December. The continued operation was discussed very

Finally the GLM has decided that the operation of the Webcam on our
building should not continue and the camera must be removed. I send
you an excerpt from the GLM protocol with the appropriate

I'm sorry that I have no better news to report. I must therefore ask
you to remove the webcam until the end of March 2014."

From the GLM minutes:

"The GLM discussed the issue controversial.
On the one hand the continuation of the Webcam on the Metron roof
would be a courtesy to Stefan Seiz or for the Public / community.

On the other hand, the GLM is serious about the issue of data and
privacy protection and monitoring public space. This does not
correspond with the Metron philosophy.

The GLM decides for reasons of philosophy not to comply with the
request of Stefan Seiz. The camera must be removed by Stefan Seiz."

There's nothing I want to add here.

As requested, I will remove the camera in the week
starting 03/24/2014.