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Wingo Porter

I bought the Wing Porter for my flying cam project because the box claimed it could carry 500g.

The following pictures show how the plane evolved over time
Rebuilding pieces into a new plane changed the plane similar to evolution - the weak parts broke, have been replaced and improved, so the current plane does not have much in common with the original Wingo Porter.

I built it following the instructions, added a bit of strength on the wing:

Original Wingo Porter

first steps with accidents (eg June e28th or July 19th )and success

The plane has been modified

replacing what broke and rethinking the whole design I ended up with a completely different airplane:

A big improvement was to drop the two cheap motors and install a brushless geared motor

Wingo Porter with Lehner brushless motor

the second wing improves lift quite a lot, and it seems to fly more stable as well.

Wingo Porter modified aka Phoenix

this configuration carries both the still picture and the video camera (both below 300g) with ease.

(Pictures Fuji FinexPix | Pictures Nikon coolpix | Pictures Sony DSC-T1 )

FinePix on board for inflight pictures

Sample Kodak mc3 video short | long

Sample miniDV camcorder video short | long

more information about my flying adventures can be found in the 2004 history

Detail pics Sept 2004

Change of battery system

I have purchased 3S3P LiPolymer batteries Although I had planned to change the plane to accomodate those batteries, the change came too sudden

modified Wingo Porter - crash zone

ready to go fly again

Modified Wingo Porter in the air