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Mägenwil, riding in the wind

In the afternoon the sun was fine, but there was some wind with peaks up to 30km/h. Nevertheless I wanted to give it a try and went near the Birrfeld airfield.
There was quite some air traffic with full size planes, so I decided to go away a bit, near Mägenwil
There was much space down wind, a few telegraph poles up wind.
I switched on the RC transmitter, plugged the LiPoly batteries and up it went.
At full throttle the controller allows about 20 seconds until it does a thermal shut down.
It takes about 15-20 seconds to recover, so better not try this near the ground

The plane cruised around perfectly at about half throttle, seemed to climb 30 degrees at full throttle. The 3S3P layout performs like 10 nicad cells

Flying near Mägenwil checking camera and there we go big field, wires nearby Schloss Brunegg Lupfig Brunegg Mägenwil Bodenacher Mägenwil, Mägenwil Wiege Flight impressions

The wind was easy to handle once the motor was running, but the controller did a thermal shut down a couple of times, so I did not dare to do a real low fly by

foggy weather this morning | Hacker B40 motor test