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first flight with the finepix camera

There are just too many pictures, I am not going to comment on them. The hard thing when flying with the camera is to remember to push the button for the picture. I got 58 pictures in 2 flights.

The location is the small village Habsburg - I went there to take pics of the castle mainly. Unfortunately it was misty, and getting dark, so the pictures did not get as clear as I wanted them.
The first picture was taken 4:53pm, the last 17:09pm

getting ready for the test flight FinePix cam onboard protection details

Video Flying high (15.8MB 320x240 25fps 9mins)
sorry video quality not so good - it was getting dark, and I had to compress it quite a bit because of the duration
it was getting dark, but I still wanted to do a flight with the video camera onboard.
Somehow the plane wanted to climb only, it climbed so high it was hard to figure its flight path. I did some triangulation and the estimated height above ground is 165m at 3mins 16s where you can see the highway A3 in the center of the video
At the end the motor suddenly stopped as the battery voltage got low, and I had to land quickly. It was behind a hill, out of sight. The plane did very well and took no damage at all.

And here a short clip taken with a DV camera. I let the plane fly freely and grabbed the camera to take two sequences.
First it was too far away, and due to the zoom and nervousnes I could not get a steady shot, on the second sequence the plane flew below the horizon and was hard to see (not just for the camera, also for me...)
Video Flying low (663KB 320x240 25fps 22sec)
As you can see the second wing does not make it easier to see where the plane is heading.

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