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I bought a RC plane to try to get one of the cameras up in the air. I received the kit in Mai, but it was not complete. Conrad took more than 5 weeks to deliver the missing parts - and still I did not receive all of them.

Instead, they called me on the phone and said the kit does not exist anymore and I should send back everything. I proposed a discount instead and I got 10% off. Just small stuff like the hinges and the horns were missing.

Friday 20.6.2003

The wingo had it's first successful flight. While it was getting dark, the wind stopped, and after a few successful hand launches without the RC I dared to throw it into the wind at full throttle. Lucky thing I did this at the top of a slope, it went down quite some before it started to climb and after some trimming flew perfectly.

the airfield: MPEG (400kB) Quicktime (3MB)

the wind came from the side where you see the car - landing was not very easy on this slope, so on Friday 20th I broke the fuselage and the 5th landing, on Saturday I cracked it on the 4th or so landing.

on the bumpy field I landed on, the wheels were stuck as soon as it touched ground. Maybe I should replace them by something like a ski

Saturday 21.6.2003

went for a early moring flight - had about 30min flying time on 2 sets of batteries when the fuselage cracked again at the same place
Went to the model store for some carbon stick and glued it in to strengthen the fuselage

Sunday 22.6.2003

Had about 30mins flying time on the same field - tail in front of elevator broke after a hard landing in the wheat field - easily repaired in spot

Monday 23.6.2003

Pictures up to monday

After looking for a good spot to fly I went up to a nearby hill - looked fine
the airfield: MPEG (700kB) Quicktime (6MB)

onboard camera pics as video stream

I did about an hour flying time while the wind was getting stiffer - as it was coming uphill I could use it to save battery power
Just when I was getting the hang of it and following birds in the wind, I missaveraged the height / distance to the trees and planted the plane on top of a quite high tree

It wont come down from there by itself
have to find a way to get it back

for the first time I come back without the plane - feels weird

As far as I could see it's still in one piece - located it turning the engines on and following the sound

Later in the day I found out that it did come down by itself - the wind broke the tail and down it fell
No big damage, just 4 batches of epoxy fixed it

Tuesday 24.6.2003

wind from the north today, had to find a different spot.
Todays airfield: MPEG (261kB) Quicktime (4.5MB)

onboard camera pics as video stream

I had good flying time on all 3 battery packs - and I went back home before I broke anything

Pictures - only two as there were no problems :-)

Wednesday 25.6.2003

Wind and Temperature today

Planted the plane in a tree twice, but both times it was so low I could reach it :-) No damage.

Todays airfields:

#1 MPEG (261kB) Quicktime (6.3MB)

onboard video
MPEG (8.5MB 4fps) some decent flying
MPEG (1MB 12fps) start, crash into a tree
MPEG (1.25MB 1fps 640x480) start, crash into another tree

#2 MPEG (261kB) Quicktime (4MB)
onboard video
MPEG (8.5MB 12fps) start, turbulences, landing

onboard camera pics as video stream

Pictures with airplane in trees

Thursday 26.6.2003

This morning I did not have time, so I tried to go for a flight in the afternoon. I measured the weight of my Nikon coolpix and a servo: 380g

Added weight to the plane and went to try - it was much too windy and the plane crashed after about 100m flight and broke the right half of the wing

crash pictures

Friday 27.6.2003

Perfect conditions this morning: airfield (2.7MB) Quicktime (7.2MB)

onboard camera pics as video stream

onboard video (MPEG 8min 13MB)

onboard video (MPEG 1min 3.5MB)

Repair and inflight Pictures

This afternoon I wanted to show the plane to my wife. She has always seen it on the kitchen table being fixed, but never in the air. There were some turbulence, and I did some acrobatic movements. The third landing was quite hard, so we went back home to the kitchen table...

Went again in the evening - tried to find a place with less wind - got it off the ground - high in the air - too much wind

The aluminium bent in the air - uncontrollable (why does it face straight to the ground at 40mph??)

crash pictures and fixes

dont know yet if it will make it in the air again...)-:

Monday 30.6.2003

After having glued the plane back during the weekend, I went for another flight

Perfect conditions this morning: airfield (430kB) Quicktime (4.3MB)
almost the same spot like Friday morning

onboard camera pics as video stream

Pictures of

repaired wingo

the wingo was flying fine, until I lost the prop and was unable to find it...

This continues in July

If you like the idea of a cam on a RC plane but you think this project is not anywhere yet, look at this link:
This is a guy in norway with his own airstrip, electric rc plane with dual live video stream and GPS