WebTruck Moving out


Flying MikroKopter in the garden

Flying with snow around the neighbourhood

Mikrokopter Missing in Action


Skiing Holidays

building the Next Mikrokopter

Feb 22-25th

Mikrokopter Test flights

Feb 26th

Flying in gusty wind with gumstick camera


a collection of images taken during

  • a GPS waypoint test flight
  • flights looking for the quadrokopter
  • two flights taking pictures of buildings


Panoramic images of Windisch

Links below might not work correctly. MS seems to have problems with their servers, and I sometimes change the synths to add more images.


Mai - August

These months I have not only been fighting with people trying to get rid of !TrackCam but also worked on AbelCam a lot.

September 2nd a new release of !AbelCam, Version 4.0 has been released.


On the weekend of Sept 4th/5th I finally had some time to fly the kopter again - here are the


  • Hexenplatz, Brugg
    a viewpoint above the town of Brugg. The Mikrokopter does not only gives a much better view above the trees but also allows to see the place where people usually stand and look down.
  • Linde von Linn, one of the biggest trees in Switzerland
    I have been flying up there in the past and even managed to land the Wingo in a tree seven years ago

More shots on September 19th

Circus as PhotoSynth, Panoramic View

This looks much better when properly processed, using Hugin and KRPANO

I also flew higher than ever on this day, see Google Earth Data

Full Resolution

More shots on September 29th

drove to Froh Ussicht to take pictures of the Cow Maze

This 360°/180° Panorama is the result.

If you have Google Earth installed, you might want to look at this Cow Maze Overlay which shows images in full resolution


the month is almost done, but on the 23rd I managed to take the kopter out on a trip to a hilly area in Switzerland, built another 360°/180° Panorama

Flight Data to display in Google Earth with Image Overlay

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