WebTruck Moving out


In this year I expanded the site with more time lapse videos, scorelists, member features like individual scores and polls

!WebTruck was driving on the ground and trying to understand what is where in the office - animated gif
on december 27th I put WebTruck in a box, so it's easier for the camera to point at it, and gave it some marbles and blocks to have a job. You can also see a few closeup shots of the truck box


Real Video

January 21st 1999 a Real Video (500kB) with WebTruck driving free on the floor

a Real Video (350kB) with WebTruck in the box driving (better quality 2MB)

MPG Video

19th December 1999 19MB WebTruck buzzing around on the ground, good overview

December 1999 1MB small version

22nd December 1999 27MB the truck plays with bottles - three whole days in 3 min and 47 seconds


I did some experiments with Growbot

Building on a autonomous vehicle - uncompleted

Chat 1999

Swiss Army wheelchair test

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