WebTruck Moving out

February 2004

After a very work intensive january I took of some days to go on winter vacation - skying and other winter activities.

The weather is great and so my sister and I went for a tour on a mountain. No big thing for her being a guide, quite a effort for me as I am doing this less than once a year. On the picture below you can see us on the top

some more pictures and a panoramic view


PassageCam had a TV station for almost a year, now is offline


I moved that machine away from the tv cable. The interface will be used for CraneCam

19th new server

the whole week I have been busy copying data around to replace a overloaded machine with something faster

24th Poll

Wondering what bandwidth you use, I started a poll to find out.

You can also let me know what you think about the ads new on this site

25th winter flight

Took some pictures with the wingo high up in the bright cold winter sky

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