WebTruck Moving out

Server needed service

The machine running motion detection for AxisCam, RemoteCam and CraneCam gets overloaded when there is much going on.

To replace it I'll take one of my desktop systems - which means I will have to replace that one first.

I bought another ASUS Pundit, this time with a 3GHz Processor and 1GB memory. I add USB external boxes to use more disks, as this box only allows for one internal disk.
The reason I chose this machine is

  • it is small and not too loud
  • the other pundit I have for 6months is performing well
  • it is affordable

copying data Pundit PCI riser part PCI Card in Pundit PCI Card fits in Pundit Dual IDE server.webtruck.org

Whereas back in 2002 I managed to move a working XP installation from one computer to the next (on the same disk), this time I failed (using a new disk) and had to reinstall from scratch..