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Test flight with Sony DSC-T1

the plane

bought another camera to go flying

It is a Sony DSC-T1 - about the same weight as the Fujifild F402, but the new one is a 5 Megapixel camera, whereas the Fuji only has 2 Megapixels.

The difference is not as big as the numbers suggest - the Fuji is doing a excellent job whereas the Sony behaves more like a 4 Megapixel camera.

new cam DSC-T1 and it's case servo pushes trigger Sony DCC-T1 ready to fly packing for the flight up in the air arsenal Brugg lonely rider looking over to Windisch details? a view over to Germany Arsenal Brugg Brugg Gebenstorf About to land

Over all I am quite satisfied with the pictures.

I should have tried with different settings (all these pics were taken in the 'sport' mode - fast shutter, no autofocus)

The camera position in the plane can also be improved, so no parts of the plane will be visible on the pictures

The camera has a AV out - unfortunately it requires the docking station for the AV out to be connected - adds more weight...
Unless I have more motor power I fear I wont be able to fly the camera plus the video sender to have video feedback on the ground.

Finepix F402

These pictures have been taken on different days, so the light was probably not the same. Nevertheless they show that the T1 is providing a crisper, more detailled picture

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