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modified Wingo Porter flies with DV camcorder

Saturday afternoon, packed plane and went to the Amphiwiese for a couple of flights.

First 2 flights with the FinePix F402 pointing down at the back - I got lots of details of stuff I was not interested. The first 4 pictures are from the FinePix, the rest are taken from the video.

Kebab and Pizza Hauserstrasse / Bergstrasse Amphitheater Windisch approaching watching taking off leaving field starting point the Amphitheatre FHA Aargau Windisch Klosterkirche Königsfelden Klosterkirche Königsfelden circle Windisch / Lindhof house house landing

Flying the FinePix went well, so I took the DV camcorder and loaded it on the plane looking out at the back.

Flight videos

The first flight with 7 cells was just a 6min struggle for height - I did not bring the plane up higher than about 50m, so I quit and landed to try with the 8cell pack.

With this pack the plane went up fine and after 2 sharpish turns on the field I was high enought to fly about.
The video I brought down shows various things:

  • Start
    with the 8cells the plane was pulling up fine. After about 100m speeding up low I pulled up for a 180degree turn. Back to where I came from I had to do another 180degree turn to avoid the tree around the amphitheatre, then I had enough hight to leave the field.
    The interferences at the beginning make it look a bit like one of those Apollo launch videos.
    Start video 20secs 4.6MB
    low bandwidth start 2.7MB

  • Panorama
    not a full 360 degree turn, but almost.
    starting looking south south west with the University of applied sciences, turning right over the Convent Church then the whole of Windisch Panorama video 2.3MB

  • Amphitheatre 4.1MB official location map

  • Power Loss
    at the end of the flight the controlled decided that there is not enough battery power to run the motor. So there I was, like 15m above ground and heading for trees - power off 1MB

  • Strange recording
    sometimes the camera just replays black and white and a very blurred picture - I thought with DV video there's either a near perfect picture or nothing at all I never had anything like these 'interferences' before and I hope it does not indicate that the camera is going to fail completely soon

Full Video 640x480 8min 53MB
Full Video small 320x240 8min 20MB

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