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long flights with Kodak mc3

Weather was cloudy and foggy the whole day, but I could not resist at about 4.30pm to take the plane for another flight.

I went to the usual practise ground to fly a bit with the Kodak mc3.

The plane was doing fine with the wind, although it felt sometimes like a kite.

And sometimes it felt like the kites rope was cut also, the wind carried it away from me and with the sun going lower I had problems to figure out where the plane was heading.

The camera is pointing out at the back, and picture stability can be extremly well (like I climb into the wind and on the video I get a zoom out).

I took 2 videos. The first one came out dark and I had to take it into the darkroom to fix it a bit, the second one was just black with audio...

10 min Video (24MB)

look at some houses (1.3MB 18secs)

buzzing around before landing (4.7MB 1min)

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