WebTruck Moving out

WebTruck drive instructions

  • do not ignore the cable. Try to drive around it
  • if the bucket is not fully down, you cannot pick up blocks.
    use the Down button to lower the bucket - many times if required
Java Control

Logs in Chat

if you suspect somebody else is driving at the same time open a chat window to verify.

Connect / Control

before you can drive you have to connect to the truck server, when you're done you can disconnect from the server

in the control register shown on the left you control both the truck and the camera


horizontal slider

choose how much to turn to the left or right. Click move to execute

vertical slider

choose to drive forward or reverse. see the duration in the comment window


up make a load move. the Truck will reverse a bit first in case there's no space in from

down move bucket down - you can also use this to lower it a bit more to get under objects

unload make a unload move - the bucket will go all the way up and the tipper will unload


choose the move from the list on the left, then duration with the slider, then Move

home - point the camera to the box