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Unimog instructions

how to drive unimog

Unimog Control

with this interface you control the Unimog.

Camera control

left arrow - move camera pointer (yellow line) left

up arrow - look straight

right arrow - move camera pointer right

look button - point camera and request picture

Drive & Sensor Control

left set of arrows

up - increase distance forward

left - move steering pointer (green line) left

right - move steering pointer right

down - decrease distance forward (or increase distance backward)

right set of arrows - these arrows swap the green direction pointer.

go button - drive with the steering set to the green line direction. the length of this line is the distance to drive, not speed

show environment button - this scans with the Ultrasonic sensor left to right and displays a profile of the environment. the white line shows a approximation of the measurements

Replay section

after driving or in offline mode you can replay the move. You'll see the lines move and retrieve pictures as available. Use the arrows of the slider at the bottom to select the step

Camera View

here you'll see pictures taken by the camera on Unimog. 

Sensor View

you see a top view of the Unimog.

  • green line shows requested steering and distance
  • yellow line shows where the turret with camera and ultrasonic sensor is pointing
  • red line shows current steering and speed
  • white line shows last environment aproximation
  • dotted circles at 1.5 and 3 meters
  • left and right brightness at the bottom
Preview Java Unimog Interface