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Flying near Mägenwil

Flying near Mägenwil, close to where I flew October 2004

Two sites to look at here: a practise golf course, and a deep hole in the ground

With these pictures you should load the big version - you can discover amazing details.

Airfield near Mägenwil Airfield Brunegg, Kiesgrube Mägenwil Brunegg, Kiesgrube Mägenwil Looking towards Aarau Digging for sand Mägenwil Golf Practise Ground flying low circling a bit higher the hole Looking at the golfers golfing

I had 3 successful flights. The server triggered the camera very reliably. On the first flight the camera setting was not correct, so the first 60 pictures were all blurred. On the 2nd and the 3rd flight I had the camera set to sport mode to avoid motion blur, but many of the 130 pics taken seemed out of focus.
I'll try the 'landscape' setting next time

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