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Test flight with new wing

I could not wait for better weather conditions to give the new wing a try
This morning the wind was under 10km/h average, with peaks at around 20km/h

The first flight was wonderful. I was getting into controlling the plane with the ailerons, and after 10 minutes or so into the flight I was using both ailerons and rudder.

The plane was behaving well and always under full control, although sometimes it was hard for me to figure out it's position in the air, as I was accustomed to the yellow wing with the red decoration.

Join the wing carbon spars joined left in front like new plane completed proportions? aligned? shot flight path Ouch!! unplugged assessing damage asymetrical wing Wing Surgery Depron helicopter Depron almost done left aileron small fix bix fix right aileron

On the second flight the story was completely different.

Loaded the GPS to get flight data. After just a short distance, the plane started to behave weird. I tried to turn back to me, but it hit the ground before I could get back full control.

Having used a different receiver than last saturday, I suspect there was something wrong with the wiring or the receiver is interfered with the GPS device (although that is just a receiver)

Whatever it was - I have to go back to the work bench.

Damage is not too bad - the wing broke loose and did not get too much damage. For the motor mount - have replaced that one several times, I could almost speak of routine...

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