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stripping electronics from Unimog

Unimog has been offline for almost 18months now - once the project was successful I lost interest a bit

The other day I saw a automated vacume - thought this would make a good platform for a robot vehicle

Unimog front view Unimog top view look in the cabin Unimog mother board Unimog bottom view Overview cabin Polaroid 6500 sonar sensor front board Tacho some electronics at the back front wheels electronics in the back power board CNY70 interface CNY70 connections electronics of the new platform black vacume base, electronics

ripping things out of Unimog was quite easy - I am pleased with my decision to interface the mother board with a 40pin connector.

Switchboard (Schematic) measures the battery voltage and switches off when it drops too low to avoid draining the battery

Motherboard (Schematic) holds the cpu and feeds the connectors

see more details on the Moguni project

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