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Sportfeld Dohlenzelg Windisch

looking at the weather forecast I could not help taking advantage of the favourable wind conditions saturday evening

It looked like there is going to be bad weather ahead, so I wanted to finish off a good flying week with a flight from the local sports field (Picture)

When I arrived on site with my two daughters, there were some boys hanging around. They immediately crowded around me and got me scared they would squash the plane

There was no wind, a little bit would have been welcome to make the field a bit longer ;-)

First flight was weird - seemed like the battery was not fully charged, and I landed after a short round over the field

Second flight was fine - all the pics were blurred because it was too dark already.

test picture before taking off what's going on Ouch both servos knocked out Puzzle motor mount unharmed tail tail recovering tail fixed

Ok, it was me again - I did not pull the antenna on the third flight, and at the far end of the field I lost control over the plane

It looked quite bad when pieces of the fuselage were flying all over the place

Luckily the DSC-T1 survived the impact without damage, and so did the wing. The tail is a different story though, both servos lost some teeth

Starting to rebuild the body to accomodate the new batteries...

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