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BAD crash

Today lunch time the weather was fine, slightly overcast with quite some sun and the fog vanishing
I took the plane, and after some work I went for a flight after 4 pm.

First flight was fine, although it was a bit dark already. On the first flight I used the video mode on the Sony DSC-T1 for the first time - my 120 MB Memory Stick allows for a bit more than 5 minutes of 640x480 video.

Flight was fine, battery as well, so I moved the video over to the laptop and went for a second flight.

Plane went up fine as always since I have the new Hacker motor, and I was cruising around about 100m above ground, when suddenly the plane started to make weird moves

Jerky moves stopped when the plane went into a steeeeeep dive. Whatever I did on the RC, the plane did not respond to it.
If you watch the crash video carefully, you'll notice that the plane went for inverted flight a bit.

It fell into the forest bordering the river and was stopped just 2m above ground in tree that was easy to climb.

airfield remains a closer look climb in the tree everything there Rebuilding started

  • Flight: Long flight ( 30MB, 640x480, 5min 55s, the camera had no more memory to store more)
  • Crash: small 1MB, 18s
    big 11MB, 1min, critical part repeated in slow motion
  • Shake: hit 1.8MB, 6s, 10x slower than real time, shows the move that made things bad

So what happened? I guess the the turbulences unlocked the elevator servo. To see the power of the turbulences, notice the green stuff at the right bottom corner (5 seconds after the start of the big crash video). This is the receiver battery attached firmly with rubber bands. If it was moving up and down like that, the plane must have hit some hard air up there. I am just glad I did not loose any of my expensive equipment (camera, Lipoly battery or brushless motoro and controller) and the whole thing looks somehow repairable.

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