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Flying in Brugg

This morning I decided to go fly in Brugg, on a sports field in the town center

I had to go early to make sure there are no gym lessons going on

'Airfield' Brugg Altenburg Brugg Altenburg Brugg Bezirksspital Brugg Neumarkt Bruggerberg Bruggerberg Brugg Eisi Brugg Aare Brugger Altstadt railway Brugg Turnhalle Freudenstein Audience Brugg Museumstrasse Brugg Bezirksspital the railway bridge Brugg, Windisch Brugg, Brunnenmühlesteg Baslerstrasse Brugg, Altenburg

On two short flights I took a total of 50 pictures - many of them were much too dark because I was attempting to take pictures of the old part towards the sun

Both starts were a bit critical, because that sports field was a bit narrow and those trees are quite big.

more aerial pictures of Brugg

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