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High fly - low landing

always take a picture before the first flight Scherz Habsburg Habsburg and Brugg Habsburg, Brugg and Windisch Aare Habsburg agriculture Habsburg the castle Birr scenic, right? farmer Hausen landing testing...

video of this last flight (352x288, 25fps, 6min 38s)
If I was on board, I would have heard long before the plane touched ground that there was a problem. I did not notice it until it was too late. I just wanted to go for a couple of circles near that farmer, when I noticed that there was no more power and barely managed to get the plane down. Luckily there is no damage to expensive parts.

At 3min 12sec on the video, the controller started to behave strange. As the plane was very far from me, I did not notice. As I throttled down anyway I did not realize it went with not power for quite a while. Later it recovered, but when I needed more power again to cirle around about 20m above the ground there was no more power and the plane came down fast. At 4min 35s I wanted to take a picture with the Finepix camera but instead of the left stick, where the camera servo is connected to, I did a extreme left turn...

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