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Flying in Brugg

As I am going to fly in the Amphitheatre tomorrow over a big crowd, I decided to practise a bit before.

I have flown out from the theatre over to the field quite some times to take the circus pics, but never flew from the field into the theatre.

On the first flight I chose a place with 2 smallish trees to fly in and out the theatre. I could not walk along with the plane as there is a hedge surrounding the theatre and the trees.

On the second flight I tried to fly / walk in and out the main entrance so I could see better and fly lower within the theatre.

Flying in was no problem, as I had enough hight, and although I did not see the plane because of a tree for a while that went well

Leaving the theatre was a different story - I touched one of the trees and broke the plane bad

Field blocked Stage is ready going lower Portugal - England Preparing Theme is circles OUCH Motor disconnected Sorting Align back in place

Repairs started lunch time, continued 5.30pm - I was ready for a test flight at 9.30pm just before it got dark. It flew well, and I decided not to risk anything tomorrow and fly with 8cells and no camera

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