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RC plane over Zurich

After visiting a client in Zurich I took the plane up the the 'Waid' hill and flew 2 rounds up there
The view to the Alps was there, but it was not very clear.

I was glad for the clouds, I did not have too much sun in my eyes, and the wind was non existant

Zürich Hardtum Zürich Höngg <a href=http://www.eth.ch>ETH</a> Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Höngg, Altstetten Lake of Zurich Zürich West The Alps as seen from Zurich Zurich West with Alps Zürich Altstetten

I took a total of 56 pictures and still had batteries left to fly more - I should have carried the laptop with me to empty the cameras memory and go for another flight or two.

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