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Converted the Wingo Porter to a double decker

Having a second Wingo Porter still in the box, I thought of adding its wing to my Phoenix wingo

old and new wing old and new middle section wingo porter airfoil wingo porter airfoil and winglet attachment growing plane wingo porter double decker double decker side view wingo porter double decker flash picture and it flies double decker in the air

I did a test flight on Sunday evening. I did not add any cargo to test first - and the wingo is flying as expected. Its a bit harder to control, as the rudder and elevator remained about the same size, but it flies stable. Flying with the 7 cells was fine.
Landing was very smooth on the road.

Then I tried with the 8cells 3000mah and it was doing even better, climbing quite fast. Landing was a bit rough, as I run out of battery power and had to land quickly (*).

Then I tried to see if 6 cells could keep it up, and yes, it did.
It was getting dark, but still I wanted to fly this 6cell battery till it was empty - probably a mistake....
Flying very low to just above me (I tought), I misaveraged the height and hit a traffic sign...

Damage was bad, the top wing almost came off, the back section badly broken and I lost the elevator

Nevertheless I was satisfied with the tests, and fixing the damage was not very hard - a new servo horn, a bit of epoxy :-).

I will have to set the motor for more down thrust, with the additional drag from the top wing, the plan goes up way too much when I put the motor at full throttle. Before the second wing it just went into a good climb, now it climbs way too steep until it stalls. Putting the center of gravity forward a lot helped during flight but made the landing quite speedy.

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