WebTruck Moving out

October 2003


Wingo is waiting for good weather


Moving stuff into the new room, pictures of the move

Truck on the move

11th / 13th

Test flight with the Wingo - mixed results


Although the weather was not very calm, I dared to go for a flight this morning. All was fine - it flew right by itself and it was harder to get it down in this wind than to keep it up - video

CyberMaster is back! After almost a year sitting around offline, CyberMaster is online again.


Seven successful flights on this day, 3 of them in the morning, when it was cold, foggy and wet, another 4 in the evening. Pictures and videos


Added a second wing to the Wingo Porter making it a double decker - will it fly like this? Pictures


first flight with the finepix camera: Pictures