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Flying in the morning and in the evening

I went for a flight first this morning, when it was cold, wet and foggy. The plane performed fine, it is flying with the camera as well as it did before with no camera...
yet another hole foggy elevator broken well done

Todays videos

Morning mist flight (6.5MB 320x240 25fps 2min 52sec) on the field between Windisch and Hausen
Had to be careful with the high tension wires...

On the army practice ground
2nd evening flight (15.9Mb 320x240 25fps 7min)after a first flight with no camera I took this video on the second one - 7 minutes in the air with camera on board (7cells 3300mah), this would not have been possible with the original motors.
3rd evening flight (13Mb 320x240 25fps 6min)

When I went to collect the plane after the first flight in the evening (had to walk about 100m, as I flew until the battery was emtpy and I had to do a dead stick landing) I lost the battery cover of the remote control. Hope I will find it again.

I was flying today with a slightly smaller prop - it did not make much difference. Maybe I should try a bigger one? I have plans to measure current, voltage and thrust to find the most efficient one, but this will have to wait until its too cold to fly

The plane is so quiet with this motor, when its at some distance I cannot hear it at all.
This is a great feature when taking pictures of houses, but somehow I feel less in control when I can't hear the plane. The video sound show some interruptions of control (motor stopping and starting), probably when the antenna of the RC is pointing straight at the plane.

Flying without the camera onboard has almost become boring - this plane is truly a porter and does not perform well on stunts...

Maybe it is time now to look for another plane, something Zagi style or so

Nevertheless, as soon as I am back from the flights I check the weather for the next day :-)

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