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modified Wingo Porter flies with DV camcorder

The Wingo now carries my DV camcorder - and brought it back to earth safely twice.

happy landing top view DV camcorder in Wingo Porter

Videos taken with the DV camcorder

flight location: Habsburg

DV camcorder recording on the plane - during the first flight the camera went out of batteries, so there is no landing.
Thats why I have only the second flight here, from start to landing.

  • clip in WMV format 320x240 25fps 14MB 5min 29sec <- looks best on my computer
  • clip in MPEG-1 format 640x480 12fps 21.3MB 5min 29sec
  • short clip MPEG-1 format 704x576 25fps 6.9MB 50sec 1Mbps
  • another short clip MPEG-1 format 720x576 (full PAL DV Resolution) 25fps 1.7MB 11sec 1Mbps (not full PAL DVD Bandwidth though...)
modified Wingo Porter

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