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Wingo Porter carries Kodak mc3 and finepix F402

No wind this evening - I walked to a place near the office for a couple of flights. 2 first with the Kodak mc3 pointing forward, then another one with the finepix camera pointing down to the side.
Visibility on landing was not very good, so I saved the last battery for better conditions and went back.

test test2 autumn trees Kirche Königsfelden Autumn trees on the river Aare Bruggerberg Brugg Casinobrücke Brugg aerial view view south save landing silhouette

Kodak mc3 short preview of the following longer video (landing)
looking forward (10MB, 320x240, 25fps, 4min 27sec)
and another one (10MB, 320x240, 25fps, 4min 18sec) with the same camera position

Here the airfield for a better understanding

yellow dot: office
red cirle: airfield

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