WebTruck Moving out

Some panoramic pics

If your viewer for the panoramic pics does not work, you can see them all here

Changes May 2002

Moved the cam to a different location - here a overview of the different RemoteCam panoramas, from early 2000 until the current 

here WebTruck is driving on the ground with a camera onboard - got stuck too often...
driving environment
in the corner of the room, TruckBox on the floor pretty much in the middle
it was like this for a long time, until..

...I had to move the TruckBox because I needed the space there - Camera is in the middle of the window front, TruckBox on the shelf

Camera resting on the floor while I'm moving things around
this is the Cybermaster driving area

Current wide angle view - the cam sits up there with the box
you can see the former floorcam now sidecam looking in the box - yes, it's looking in the box, this is a panoramic picture...

the pictures on the right hand side are just so you don't have to stare at a white wall - half of the view is never moving...