WebTruck Moving out

WebTruck vs Crane

technical information about the web enabled devices, differences

this table shows features and differences of the 2 devices



Rokenbok Loader
3 axis control: wheels on each side, bucket
Dickie Crane
3 axis crane control
CraneCam Servo


2 x 8 relays to parallel PC port
one old PC running Win98
Basic Stamp interfacing to

  • the cam servo

  • several sensors

  • 3 crane motors

  • serial port to linux server

server software

perl script emulating a web server
access through apache proxy redirect

crane.bs2 Crane stamp software to control the crane using the serial port
serial to ip socket conversion
server runs cgi to access crane socket


BoxRemote Crane TruckRoom
1st date onlineNov 1998Jan 2004

WebTruck has had many versions and features
see the history for older implementations

The little truck has been online for more than 5 years now and still goes strong

WebTruck drives with relays switching on and off

Crane has a Stamp2 brain and many sensors, controls the 3 DC motors and the servo with PWM signals
prostable vehicle, fool proof technology, very reliable smooth microcontroller moves, camera builtin
con no slow moves
still runs on Win98
somewhat delicate