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Construction of the Campus site in Windisch

Information about the new campus for the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Historical images - pre construction

Summer 2006 May 2008 Summer 2006 May 2008 breaking... ...down March 26th March 27th April 10th April 14th April 14th Overview Overview as seen from TrackCam

Construction daily shots

Large images of the building process. There's an image for each working day starting in March 2011.

Time lapse with the above shots

Spherical Panoramas

These images have been captured with a drone. Spherical Panoramas allow a 360/180 view of the area

Site cleared

2010-04-07 Panoramic View of the construction area, 20m above ground

2011-02-13 Panoramic View of the construction area, 100m above ground

2011-05-07 Panoramic View of the construction area, 70m above ground

Building is up

2012-05-30 Panoramic View of the building, halfway completed, 80m above ground