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Testing Lithium Polymer batteries

Bought 3 used Lithium Polymer batteries

Doing some tests in the workshop - does the controller keep up with the new situation? Remember, I had one or two flights with 12 Nicad cells, this was clearly overpowering the system and lead to a bad crash

These batteries (LiPoly 3S3P) are similar to 10nicad cells, whereas up to now I mostly flew on 7-8 cells

getting plane ready for battery test weight nicad batteries new batteries: Lithium-Polymer battery in plane Lithium Polymer battery 3S3P

The motor test revealed that the batteries keep up to my expectations. More thrust, 30A current seems to be no problem for these batteries - they just got a bit warmer

Unfortunately, the motor is getting quite hot. I will have to use less than half throttle for most of the flights and use full power only for takeoffs

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