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Building a Zagi style plane

Bought some depron to try and build my own plane

Having read about the amazing performance of the Zagi style airplanes I decided to build one

It was gliding nicely in the living room once thrown at the correct angle.
Here are a few pictures of what I have so far

My Zagi shaping the wing profile make it strong RC components in place Motor Addon side view bottom view test plane

I have no suitable motor for this yet - unless you consider a old 400 type brushed motor suitable
I might give it a try - but I fear my 6cell batteries are too heavy - probably for the time being this will remain a glider...

If this continues to be as robust as it seems now, this is going to be a ideal platform for my kids to get some practise in flying a plane

Some information about that type of planes: www.nurflügel.com

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