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Flying Jugendfest Windisch 2004

Today I was invited to fly on the Jugendfest of Windisch

This is a event in the roman theatre where students from all schools do performances

The Kindergarden was playing they fly over the oval and are waiting for a landing strip to be built. I was flying over the crow before they came in.

I guess there were about 1000 people looking - I was rather nervous on that flight, as the wind was rather stiff sometimes with some bad gusts.

Had planned to circle really low overhead, but I had to keep 10m above ground to be prepared for sudden wind.

The flight went well, and when the children 'flew' in the oval I left so I wont disctract the spectators.

I went up again a bit later with the camera onboard to take some pics.

preparing for the flight performance going on Luna Park performance going on tilted full scene

The wind was even worse, but both on takeoff and landing I was lucky and the wind eased up

There were lots of cars parked on the field, so I had to do a precision landing...

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