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Flight in Unterwindisch

On the first flight I took the FinePix F402 - the winds were gusty and the plane was shaking, so there was lots of motion blur on the pictures. Nevertheless I took some nice ones.

Today we had dry wind and the clouds were supposed to clear away with good view in the mountains - it did not happen as much as I hoped. Looking at the forecast (bad weather ahead) I went for flights anyway.

The second flight was with the DV camcorder. It went quite well, although shaky, and I landed the craft safely

On the third flight I took both the Kodak mc3 and the Finepix to have more load and less shaking, but it was hard to get it up well with the 7cell pack

Video edited 2:30min 6.9MB - first you can see me trying to get the engine started, taking off low over the trees, then a sequence higher up, and the landing. Flight duration was close to 6 minutes, I landed because it was not so much fun with this wind blowing...

Unterwindisch and Brugg Windisch und Reuss Reuss, Unterwindisch, Windisch Rekrutierungszentrum Windisch flying low

And here's the DV video (720x576 reduced to 1fps, 19MB)
This video plays at one frame per second (more like 510pictures with audio) to give you some of the sharpness possible with the DV camcorder - at 25fps it would have had 475MB with the same picture quality, the original video in DV quality is 1.7GB...

I should have removed that rubber band you can see at the top. I put it in before screwing on the wing to hold a cam looking straight down, but I have not used it yet.

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