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I found this mouse in my house - what should I do with it?
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Does he have a big enough cage? I'm sure he does, please just reassure me! He's darling. If you can't keep him as a pet, consider a rescue resource such as the Rat and Mouse Club of America. If you keep him, feed him well; give him your leftover fruits and veggies, and consider some rabbit pellets and vitamins. If you need any advice, write me. Good luck--please write me and tell me what happens to the little guy.

How can I tell the sex of my two new teddy bear hamsters?

Attach it to webtruck, or atach a small mining hat with mini-camera on him/her and let her go roaming...

let it go, or get it a bigger cage. It seems to be bored silly. The poor thing!

Mouse V Webtruck Last man standing wins... although Webtruck might need a bit of nitro or a few weapons to even it up a bit...say ... a chainsaw...

I also agree to put the mouse on the truck

I want to ride a truck!

Jeff Lambert
I'm going to have to agree with putting him in the back of the truck, we will find some use for it

microwave on high for about 3 minutes,dont forget to set up the web camera on the door.

Put the MOUSE in the Truck and Us viewers will take care of the rest LOL

Determine its sex, find a mate for it, allow them to breed, and sell the young to pet shops, snake owners, Phillipinos (or is that Koreans?), etc. Or; keep it in the manner of a hamster.

Put it in the box with the truck is and let it live there so the drivers can do something with it :-)

Dave Greene
Well if it was in my house it would be dead by now, but my office? Get a fishtank and keep the sucker feed it once in a while (maybe to Skip's King Snakes! lol). Or just put it outside somewhere. It's vermin and carries disease, so be careful.

I have a pair of California King snakes that would love to play with it! Here's several options: Keep it as a pet and spoil it rotten. Release it in a field and let it fend for itself. Destroy it (as quickly and pain- lessly as possible). Release it in someone elses home and let then deal with it! Skip ;-)