WebTruck Moving out

Changes Oct 2001



This morning I decided to put the trackcam on the roof as the weather was nice and warm.

Ready to carry everything up

First I put all the cables, computer, trackpod and camera in a box to carry it up

I knew exactly where to put it - at the extreme end of the building so you get free view in all directions

view the train station

on the right there's a road crossing, in front there's the train stations

look down



Once the camera was up there, I had to find a housing for it - a flower bowl from a local store fit quite ok, and some tape keeps it in place


On the roof exposed to weather - I hope the cam and the computer will not get wet or freeze! I covered the computer, not too tight as it needs fresh air

In november we'll have some good rain and the Computer got wet

but is still wrapped


The next morning the bowl was wet already - only on the outside though

this system ran without any change until January 2004 when it was replaced by a different cam. Now it serves in the TruckRoom