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The Cobra EPP Aerobatic ARF (some assembly required)

Here is a nice candid shot from Hobby Lobby

can shot

May 2005

I attempted to fly the plane several times unfortunately I haven't been very successful. I broke the folding propeller the first flight and then promptly broke the motor mount the second time out. I am currently fixing the motor mount and I hope to have it in the air in a week or two (weather permitting).

August 2005

After a couple more failed flights which lasted no more than 15 seconds I finally had a successful flight. Unfortunately I only got one flight in because it was late in the evening and the plane was too difficult to see in the evening sky.

Here is what my plane looks like ...

September 2005

Tired of striping gear sets after rough landings I broke down and decided to go brushless. I also updated the batteries to lithium which has doubled my flight time with a little extra to spare.

March 2006

While practicing my take offs and landings with the remaining minutes of my second battery pack.... Pictures explain it best.

Sept 2007

Before and after shots of the plane at the field. Unfortunately the plane lost part of its elevator in mid flight. The plane still flew with half an elevator but the other half could not be found. This not the first time the elevator has broken in the same spot. First time was due to a pet steping on the plane. Second time was due to a "oops, I shouldn't have done that maneuver". Final time was during a simple roll. Since glue was no longer holding the elevator together and replacing entire elevator not a option the plane was retired.

last updated: sept. 27 07