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My Page...

I don't have any good ideas on what to put here by now... sorry to disapoint the ones that came here looking for something interesting...

Here's some info about me

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, and I moved to São Paulo 6 years ago (for those of u who don't know, those are two big cities on Brasil)

I was born on January 23, in 85

I am a big tecnophily (that means I really like technology stuff)

I like to ride my full suspension bike over bumpy places ( But I don't do it as often as I wish to)

my im ids are:

aim: Tiago2385

icq: 172586707

msn: TiagoTiago@passport.com

Y! : TiagoTiagoT

my email is TiagoTiago@globo.com

later when I find out how to put those as links I will please don't spam me 8o)

I speak Portuguese, English, and a little bit of Spanish

even though my memory and atention are very untrusthworty(but sometimes they are very good though), I am very intellingent, creative and with good humour, or so people say 8o)

now some of the boring and upseting stuff about me 8o(

u don''t have to read below if u want to...

I have some kind of brain disfunction or something that make me give up on a lots of my ideas, even when I relly like and want to do then

I am working on it, but by now it is very random which one of my ideas really come out of my head and become reality

I guess I am also a little bit of agoraphobic (ilogical an incontrolable panic of public places social interaction and wide open spaces), that is also very irregular, and sometimes it isn't even there, and it is also getting a little better with the time